N G Toolholders

New NG Toolholder (NGT) range of Driven and Static Tool Holders from Leader Chuck International offers significant benefits

Workholding, automation and machine tool ancillary specialist, Leader Chuck International, is excited to announce the addition to its product portfolio of a new range of NGT Driven and Static Tool Holders for the popular ranges of CNC turning centres from the world’s leading manufacturers. The comprehensive range, which includes straight and offset as well as angular live tool holders, can extend the machining capabilities and increase the flexibility of almost any machine tool.

NGT, part of the family-owned Nova Group of companies that was established in 1994, has at its core more than 25 years dedicated to producing gears and fine mechanical assemblies using ISO 9001 certified processes. The company started producing live and static tool holders in 2008, for Okuma CNC lathes with BMT and VDI turrets. Year-on-year the range has been extended to match the increasingly diversified demands from customers in Europe and across the globe.

Delivery time for standard tool holders is less than one week from order confirmation, and every product is assembled and bench tested following strict internal testing protocol for speed, vibration, noise, temperature and coolant pressure, as well as a final 3D CMM measuring machine check. So, all tool holders are delivered with Certificate of Conformity and guarantee, with a 3D geometric measuring protocol sheet. This ensures each NGT product will fit the specified CNC lathe turret and provide exceptional performance levels with a 12 month warranty.

All the company’s Live tool holders are machined to ultra-close tolerances, so they can be successfully applied to the machining of very precise components on CNC lathes. Operational noise level is kept to a minimum thanks to the use of Klingenberg cyclo-palloid gear teeth that permit higher torque levels. These are carefully machined before a controlled heat treatment and final lapping operation.

Mark Jones, Leader Chuck’s Manager Director, explains: “Representing our partners NGT in the UK and Eire, we can supply a vast range of driven and static holders for most CNC turning centres, with tool configurations that suit almost any application. The extensive website portal https://ngt.novagrup.ro/toolholders allows users to enter the exact make and model of the lathe they are looking to fit, with the range of holders available then shown.”

There is also an exceptional price-to-performance ratio offered by NGT, as Mark Jones concludes: “We have established a reputation for supplying high quality workholding solutions at competitive prices. Matching, and often exceeding, the quality levels of its European rivals the comprehensive range of driven and static tool holders from NGT offer significant cost savings. Available at around 30% less than equivalent toolholders they provide additional support for UK and Irish manufacturers aiming to remain competitive in a global marketplace.

From Zero to Work-Clamping Hero; the ZeroClamp Pneumatic Centring Clamping Fixture 160

Alongside its automation systems for machine tools, available from workholding, productivity improvement and manufacturing efficiency specialist Leader Chuck International, ZERO CLAMP also offers a new, matching clamping device for handling component blanks and raw billet material.

The pneumatic centring clamping fixture 160 offers powerful, infinitely variable clamping with forces of up to 45 kN at a maximum of 9 bar of compressed air. The compressed air supply is connected to the underside of the clamp. The centring clamping fixture is controlled using the four-channel clamping pots of the company’s advanced zero-point clamping system. Alternatively, the air ports on the side can also be used for this task.

What makes the centring clamping fixture unique is the system’s low pretension of 60 kg, which ‘lightly’ holds loaded material preventing the loss of clamped components when working with shuttle tables, for example, moving in and out of the machining envelope.

In addition to this, the generous clamping jaw stroke of 8.5 mm can be infinitely ‘fine-tuned’ with adjustment slots in the top of each jaw allowing a range of +/- 5 mm each side via the eight Allen head bolts that securely fix the top jaws to the vice. This increases the service life of the jaws as they can be accurately adjusted to compensate for any wear as well as for any deviation in the size of the raw material, such as castings being undersized.

The extensive range of jaw attachments, including grip jaws, carbide-coated jaws, profiled jaws or prism jaws to suit the workpiece, allows the centring clamping fixture to achieve clamping widths of 10 to 130 mm, making it suitable for a huge variety of applications.

Managing Director of Leader Chuck, Mark Jones, says: “For many engineering workshops the highly effective solutions available from ZERO CLAMP make it a one-stop shop for everything – from zero-point clamping systems and modular clamping rail systems to perhaps the most flexible, modular automation on the market. Everything a manufacturing business needs, from a single source.”

Leader drills into production benefits

Tamworth-based workholding specialist, Leader Chuck Systems, has recently expanded its product portfolio with the addition of the advanced range of keyed, keyless and hybrid industrial and medical drill chucks from Llambrich. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Llambrich has been designing and manufacturing drill chucks and machine tool accessories since 1957.

“As a globally-renowned tool chuck manufacturing specialist, Llambrich’s extensive range of industrial and medical products has been specifically developed to meet the varied demands of the precision engineering and medical sectors. Advanced technical and operational development differentiates the company’s products, while the robust build and quality of finish is among the best in the industry,” states Managing Director, Mark Jones.

Llambrich claim to offer the world’s most comprehensive drill chuck programme for the precision engineering and industrial market. Drill chucks range from 0.2 mm to 25 mm diameter and its catalogue details a wide range of drill chucks to suit all kind of drills, from latest generation CNC machine tools and stationary equipment, to portable drills.

Two systems for even greater flexibility

  • As it should be for any tool or workholding device, one of the company’s key product measurements for its drill chucks is concentric run-out. For its SP, SPS and SPX run-out is just 0.04 mm, for the Hexa System it is 0.03 mm, or 0.05 mm for the Hexa Black, with each being individual tested and certified. The company is also a pioneer of the Guarantee of Accuracy for precision keyless chucks, having established this in the 1980s.

    Medical ‘INOX’ is Llambrich’s stainless steel chuck programme for surgical instruments. The company manufactures a complete stainless steel drill chuck range for use in manual, power and pneumatic surgical instruments. It is the only drill chuck manufacturer in the world to hold the ISO 13485 certification for medical drill chuck products, and the quality management system ensures products are designed and manufactured for the most demanding medical applications.

    Mark Jones concludes: “Llambrich has an unparalleled wealth of drill chuck experience and knowledge, with its latest products being independently verified up to 60,000 rpm. They provide better concentricity and, therefore, reduced vibration which improves spindle life and minimises tool breakage.”

Leader Lexair Pneumatic - Low Pressure Hydraulic Collet Closers

Tri-Grip compact collet closer

Designed for use on either vertical or horizontal machining centres, the Lexair Tri-Grip collet closer maximises the raw material loading capacity of any machining centre. As the exclusive UK agent for this novel, work holding system Tamworth-based Leader Chuck Systems will provide full pre- and post-sales support.

Featuring a compact design with three closers integrated into one body the Tri-Grip unit has simplified hydraulic plumbing and an accessible-from-the-top collet locking screw which allows the part to be correctly orientated. With a maximum working pressure of 5000 psi and a drawtube force of 1.1 times the applied pressure, the Tri-Grip units provide ample grip for any machine shop’s workholding needs.

Two systems for even greater flexibility

  • Double acting, fixed-length operation maintains the height from part-to-part, the Tri-Grip units can be combined in multiple configurations on a fixture using connectors bushings. This eliminates the need for external pipe work between the units.

    Leader Chuck’s managing director, Mark Jones, says: “Using the popular 5C collet the compact Tri-Grip units can be arranged in grids which increase the loading density of any machining centre’s worktable. For vertical machining centre applications, the units can be located on a plate, which is subsequently fitted to the machine’s worktable. For horizontal machining centres applications, the Tri-Grip units can be mounted on a cube or tombstone to provide a flexible and efficient workholding solution.”

The collective benefits of collet chucks

Birmingham-based Leader Chuck Systems is the exclusive UK agent for Lexair Inc collet workholding systems. Designed to reduce machine downtime and increase productivity, the Lexair collet range includes the Full Bore collet chucks and its advanced Prodyne Servo fixed length collet chucks.

As the name suggests, the Lexair Full Bore chuck range allows the full inner diameter of the lathe or turning centre’s spindle to be used because it does not require a draw tube. The range features a self-contained construction, with mechanical grip and an air release front actuated collet chuck. As such the chuck does not require an external actuator. This makes the chuck failsafe as air is only used to open it, spring force holds the workpiece while it is being machined. Higher spindle speeds are achievable since a collet chuck does not have heavy jaws that lose grip force as the spindle speed of the lathe increases.

Leader Lexair Pneumatic - Low Pressure Hydraulic Collet Closers

Two systems for even greater flexibility

  • Clamping force is adjustable by tightening or loosening the collet using the spanner holes in the front of the collet. For fragile materials or thin walled parts the clamping force can also be reduced by removing pairs of springs inside the chuck.

    Leader Chuck’s managing director, Mark Jones, says: “Compared to normal collet chucks the Lexair Full Bore range provides an increased capacity of 25 to 30 per cent. This will provide significant cost savings for engineering companies carrying out bar fed turning operations because it means that they no longer have to over specify their machine tools just to be able to pass the necessary bar stock diameter through the collet chuck.”

    Also designed to maximise productivity for bar fed applications is the Prodyne Servo collet chuck range. These chucks have been designed for use in programmable bar feeder applications where accurate positioning of the stock is required. Featuring a patented ‘pull-to-close’ design that maintains the position of the bar stock against the bar feed pusher as the chuck closes, it eliminates the need to have a turret stop for positioning.

    Other features of the Prodyne range include concentricity adjustment to further increase accuracy, fixed length collet design, a wedge design that provides high grip force regardless of the spindle speed and a tapered nose for maximum tool clearance.

    Mark Jones concludes: “Maximum bar capacities for the four chucks in the range are 42, 50, 57 and 67 mm and the Prodyne Servo collet chucks are compatible with machines using A-5, A-6 or A-8 spindle noses and can be easily mounted using the machine’s existing draw tube and actuator.”