Lexair is a privately held, American owned corporation committed to the design and manufacturing of world class machine tool accessories, delivering the best possible goods for today's global requirements. 

Lexair offers a family of stationary Collet Closers which can be used individually or grouped together into a bespoke system. Double acting pneumatic or hydraulic models are available in fixed-length or pull-back clamping versions. Custom engineered solutions are available to maximise the number of parts for your machine tool application.
Lexair's "FullBore" front actuated collet chuck allows the full inner diameter of the lathe's spindle to be used, because it does not require a drawtube. Thus, maximising the bar feed capacity of the lathe, with up to Ø140mm through bore capability. The chuck features a self-contained failsafe construction, air is only used to open the collet. Spring force holds the workpiece whilst it is being machined. Because of this feature, chuck open/close is much faster than a typical hydraulic jaw chuck. The chuck is also ideal for this wall tubing or plastic applications.

Lexair's Wrench Operated Collet Chucks are ideal for lathes and grinders. They are flat back and utilise adapters to suit any mounting. They feature radial micro-adjusting screws to achieve optimum accuracy. They are also ideally suited for indexers and 5 axis applications. 
Lexair will custom design and build bespoke solutions for any workholding application.