Leader supports multi-axis manufacturing

Following extensive technical meetings and intense product training, Leader Chuck Systems has recently been appointed the sole UK and Eire agent for the advanced range of high quality single and multi-spindle bar feeding solutions designed and manufactured by Italy’s Cucchi Giovanni.

Managing Director, Mark Jones, says: “A bar feeder seems like a relatively simple device. It is the most common automation accessory for high volume turning, it provides a reliable way of delivering material to the machine tool for extended periods of time, saving an operator from continually loading stock into the chuck. However, in reality bar feeders differ from one to another, and the feeding solutions developed by Cucchi Giovanni make them more suitable to high efficiency workshop environments.”

Based near Milan the company was established in the 1970s and since its inception has always developed innovative and sophisticated solutions that have advanced the automatic bar feeding field of machine tools. Its robust products, such as the DB-EVO bar feeder for single-spindle lathes, DMB/F and the CMSP units for multi-spindle turning machines, highlight the company’s mantra of ‘innovation and simplicity’.

Mounted in either a horizontal or vertical plane, these tables are used to add 4th and 5th axis capability. Inside the rotary tables, the worm shaft and worm gear system define the accuracy and life of the table. Through the strict inspection and in-house machining of the worm system, Exact guarantees products optimal performance and high dynamic durability.

Material selection for the rotary tables includes special high-tensile aluminium-brass equal in strength to a steel alloy for the worm gear and a hardened alloy steel for the worm shaft.  The combination of brass and alloy steel offers less friction so the rotational motor torque is transferred efficiently. The worm gear has a large pitch diameter that creates a large engagement area and less pressure on the contact surface, resulting in increased wear resistance.

The HC range of automatic indexing tables can be used with the worktable in either the horizontal or vertical plane, and are suitable for use on machining centres, rotary transfer machines and almost any type of manufacturing system. Sizes range from 200 to 500 mm diameter, and up to 1,800 x 1,800 mm for the heavy duty models. Rotation is by a worm and wheel driven via a servo motor, hydraulically clamped through a three-piece coupling that generates a resistance to high machining forces for outstanding positioning accuracy and rigidity.

Featuring a non-lifting, Hirth coupling design that has an exceptional holding force and a working surface that does not raise and lower during indexing, it allows a solid sealing system to prohibit swarf, chip or cutting fluid ingress into the housing for reliability and longevity. Hydraulic rack and pinion drive with built-in cushions ensure smooth operation with optimum cycle times; the table clamp and unclamp functions are hydraulic and monitored for safety by feedback switches.

Leader’s Managing Director, Mark Jones, says: “Exact is a professional global supplier built on a robust technological research and development foundation, complimented by a quality minded workforce using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a stringent quality control system. Like Leader, the company is committed to finding a solution that achieves or exceeds customer satisfaction.”

Exact’s quality CNC tables are used in a wide variety of applications in the medical, aerospace and motorsports industries, in the manufacturing of oil & water pipeline valves and equipment and in job shops where flexibility is required. Also, the automotive, heavy goods and passenger transit industries, that demand critical tolerances with repeatability and reliability. Here, the cost-per-part is driven down by global competition, and these companies are looking to specialists such as Exact to provide increases in efficiency and productivity, giving them the edge by implementing process improvements.