Hainbuch three-in-one solution from Leader

Available from work holding specialist, Leader Chuck Systems, a new compact modular system from Hainbuch solves many problems; it redefines jaw clamping and marks the beginning of a new era in workholding. It is a Jaw Module that is small, flexible, can be quickly changed, and covers a large clamping range. Available in two sizes, the 144 clamps from 25 to 115 mm, and the 215 clamps from 25 to 200 mm diameter, the system is ideal for sensitive clamping and delicate components; can be used as a pick-up chuck on sub-spindles, and is also suited to stationary prismatic applications.
Together with the Hainbuch Spanntop chuck, Jaw Module forms a complete quick change clamping solution using proven technology. Mandrels and clamping heads can also be used in the basic unit, with quick and repeatable set-up. The new Jaw Module completes the circle and provides a new clamping dimension that opens even more possibilities for users. It is said to be the best 3-in-1 solution for ID, OD and jaw clamping.

Managing Director, Mark Jones, explains: “We’ve been working together with Hainbuch for over 20 years now and these 2014 modular solutions make sense as they are as capable of multitasking as many of today’s machine tools. The formula is simple: small workpiece equals small clamping solution. Using the new small Jaw Module, about 80 per cent of usual components are covered, and for larger components it can be easily changed over to a large Jaw Module within 30 seconds. Full through bar size is available when using the clamping head.”

With the Jaw Module, clamping heads and mandrels added to the Spanntop or Toplus chuck workshops achieve reliability, accuracy, and safety that traditional jaw chucks lack. Those who have experience with Hainbuch mandrels are aware of the almost impossible clamping situations that are feasible. The new Jaw Module now completes a clamping system that offers the right solution for the respective clamping situation, without compromise.

This Hainbuch solution has little in common with the large, heavy, energy sapping big jaws that can be found in many machine shops; where their size is more of an obstacle than an advantage. These heavy chucks put load on the machine spindle and are slow to accelerate and decelerate losing time and using energy. This extends the time for the part to be produced and hence makes it more expensive, it also wears the machine bearings out quicker.

Mark Jones concludes: “This is squandering of energy and working time in its purest form, which have cost implications that businesses cannot afford to pay. If a company purchases a lathe/milling machine with spindle taper DIN A2-6 65mm bar capacity, the workpiece range is usually 10 to 200 mm diameter. To cover that range a machine with a 215 jaw chuck is purchased. However, 80 per cent of the components are in a clamping range of 100 mm and smaller. Here is the daily dilemma, using a large clamping device for a small workpiece. It is also more difficult to get all of the tools set correctly, some of the tools will not reach centre line and often special tools are required with longer reach increasing vibration and losing accuracy, with an increased risk of collision. This can now be avoided with this solution available from Leader.”

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