‘Gripping’ New Solutions from Leader

The extensive OMIL range of gripping systems offers new and enhanced products specifically developed and selected to improve the efficiency, productivity and accuracy in a number of key sectors, including machine tools, assembly machines, transfer machines, gantry-robots and in the general mechanical and electromechanical engineering industry sectors, as well as ‘bespoke’ special machining solutions. The range is now available from Leader Chuck International, one of the UK and Ireland’s premier workholding and manufacturing ancillary specialists.

As Managing Director, Mark Jones, explains: “There is a strong case for automation to be applied wherever possible across all industry sectors, with all the well-documented benefits it brings, such as lower overheads, increased efficiency and productivity. To support our customers on their journey towards business improvements we selected OMIL as a trusted partner with extensive knowledge and experience in this crucial area. And, the flexibility to develop the precise solution to any challenges presented.”

With an impressive facility in Turin, Italy and over half a century of experience producing gripping systems, OMIL has a comprehensive range of standard products that are robust, reliable and are usually available on very short lead times at very competitive prices. The range includes grippers, linear and rotary actuators, vices, chucks and bespoke solutions.

Main application areas include robotics, assembly lines, milling machines and special machinery. End effectors for industrial robots can grip parts weighing up to 500 kg and up to 1,000 oC for die casting and forging, while applications for grippers used on automated assembly lines include automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, food & beverage, domestic appliance and packaging.

The range of pneumatic grips offered is as diverse as the industrial applications supported, from two-finger parallel to three- or four-finger self-centring and two-finger radial. As an example of the exceptional level of engineering applied to its products, the OMIL GSO range of two-finger parallel grippers is manufactured to ensure protection to class IP67 for harsh environments. An oval cylinder is used for higher gripping forces, between 123 N for the smallest unit with 5 mm stroke and 1,640 N for the largest with a stroke of 32 mm. A mechanical gripping force maintenance device ensures a minimum gripping force even if the air pressure drops.

For applications where larger and heavier workpieces require gripping OMIL has a number of ranges that provides strokes up to 400 mm and gripping forces of 10,000 N at normal workshop pressure of 6 bar.

For milling machine applications, a range of chucks for round parts and vices for prismatic parts are available, while special machinery applications can encompass punching and forming equipment as well as measurement and inspection systems.

“Any company looking at specifying a new automation system or upgrading an existing installation should look at OMIL as a viable alternative to the Japanese (SMC) and German (Schunk and Zimmer) suppliers. Not only do they offer the same performance at considerable cost advantage and complete interchangeability, but also the benefit of flexibility allowing solutions to be customised to exactly suit each application,” Mark Jones concludes.