The RotoRi range of multiple patented chuck jaw boring rings precisely support the ‘truing’ of jaws fitted to manual or power chucks. The RotoRi sets have been specifically designed to accurately bore, turn or grind chuck jaws with a clamping pressure reflecting that required to hold the workpiece.

Creating perfectly concentric bores on hard or soft jaws, the RotoRi boring rings allow fine adjustments for minimal skimming. This means that only the minimum amount of material from the jaw face is removed, maximising jaw life. Chuck jaws can be through bored in one operation resulting in better T.I.R (total indicator run out) for any subsequently machined parts. The patented curved segments support easy readjustment of the clamping diameter which saves both time and tool costs.

Made from high-tensile steel, the RotoRi sets range from 10 to 52 rings for chucks up to Ø1,200 mm. For 3-jaw chucks each ring consists of three curved segments (3 x 120°) that can be used both on the internal and external diameter of the jaws to support OD and ID workholding. For 2- and 4- jaw chucks, the RotoRi - Quattro sets with four curved segments (4 x 90°) is recommended, whilst the RotoRi -Six with six curved segments (6 x 60°) is for 6-jaw chucks. A patented expansion joint is provided to ensure even power distribution. To compensate for large counterbore tolerances of different jaw manufacturers, RotoRi offer the flexible and patented clamping bolt ‘RotoFix’. With the ability to adjust up to Ø2 mm there is no need to remachine any fixing screw counterbores.