PiranhaClamp is a self-centring vice with a completely new guiding system for extreme clamping power. There is no prior stamping necessary and it is the lowest build on the market. The slim construction is crucial, to maximise the workspace for raw parts.

PiranhaClamp is one of a kind. It is no coincidence that the vice range is called Piranha, named after the fish that has a reputation for, relative to body mass, achieving one the most forceful bites measured in all vertebrates. 
In place of the usual dovetail guides found on many vices the Piranha features parallel, twin cylindrical jaw guides that ensure high precision and an unbeatable clamping force. 


In PiranhaClamp's Swiss precision engineering plant, they were never satisfied with the common cooling systems available. Like many other companies Piranha had machine tool breakages due to unreliable cooling and for this reason, decided to develop their own coolant delivery product. 

The result is the patented PiranhaCoolingLine, which functions faultlessly for a variety of applications under the highest of pressures and with absolute on point precision. Made of high-strength, anodised aluminium, it withstands pressures of up to 80 bar and can be installed on all common tool holders and CNC machines with threaded connectors. High-quality design, lightweight and durability on the key features of the PiranhaCoolingLine that is assembled modularly to precisely meet your specific requirement.