Deluxe 6″ Single Station Vice

A fourth-generation vice with a dovetailed jaw interface as standard equipment. Compatible with CarveSmart™ dovetailed quick-change jaws as well as 1/2"-13 bolt-on jaws in a 3.875" x 0.9375" bolt hole pattern.

The deluxe single-station vises are identical to our dual-station vices, but without centre jaws. You may purchase any of our centre jaws separately to convert deluxe single-station vices into dual-station vices. No additional hardware is necessary.


  • Master sliding jaws and carriers are made of Dura-Bar® cast iron (black oxided).
  • Vice bodies and master centre jaws are also made of Dura-Bar cast iron.
  • Hardened bolt-on jaws and narrow centre jaws are made of steel.


  • Clamping force ratio: 600 lbs per 10-ft lbs torque
  • Max recommended clamping force: 7200 lbs (120 ft lbs torque)
  • Linearly consistent force-to-torque across the entire range, highly repeatable over time

What's Included

  • Two (2) sliding jaws with dovetail jaw integration
  • Two (2) hardened bolt-on jaw plates
  • Six (6) edge clamps (T-slot nuts and 1/2" or M12 hardware not included)
  • Four (4) dowel pins, 0.4993" OD x 1.0" length
  • Assorted cap screws

Is a Vice Handle Included?

The short answer is no. The sealed design of Orange Vice's carrier slide assembly makes it so that the main screw floats axially as the jaws open and close. The changing position of the screw's hex-end means that a typical vice handle won't work without extensions.

Instead, we recommend using a standard 1/2" ratchet handle with a 6-point, 3/4" socket, and appropriate extensions as necessary. For precision work, we recommend using a torque wrench for repeatable clamping and a breaker bar for unclamping. The maximum torque that can be applied to the vice screw is 120 lb-ft.

Rapid repositioning of the jaws can be done with an 18-volt cordless impact driver (40 lb-ft maximum). Unlike other vices on the market with thrust bearings that are susceptible to brinnelling, Orange vices are bearing-free and thus able to withstand impact forces without any detrimental effects.