Basic 6 x 17.5″ Single Station Vice


Vice Body: 6" x 17.5" machined from a solid bar of Dura-Bar® ductile cast iron, flame hardened to HRC50+, black oxided, and precision surface ground on four sides.
Four (4) edge clamps are included for securing to your table.
Vices are Ball-Coupler™ ready for zero-point mounting.
Modular Carrier Slides: 4th-generation carrier slide blocks are machined from aluminium and type III hard anodised.
A 115ksi high strength steel lead-screw is fully sealed from chip contamination with rubber O-rings.
Reversible Master Jaws: 4th generation reversible master jaws are machined from Dura-Bar® Cast Iron and black oxide treated. One side is compatible with bolt-on jaws and indexable grippers (M5 threaded holes). The other side features a quick-change dovetailed jaw interface. Our dovetail interface is fully compatible with CarveSmart™ dovetailed jaws.
A pair of 6061 aluminium dovetailed jaws are included. Please note that these are soft jaws.
For maximum accuracy and gripping force, these jaws should be machined prior to use.
Please note: unlike our other single station vices, this vice cannot convert to dual-station operation.

Capacities & Additional Features

Capacity with 1" thick aluminium machinable jaw plates: 0" to 7.5"
Capacity with jaw plates removed: 0" to 9.5"
Max Opening with Serrated Inserts: 1" to 10"

Compatibility with Talon Grip Serrated Inserts from Mitee Bite come standard with this vice. Clamping capacity in this configuration ranges from 1" to 10".

Pallet Systems

Please note: this vice is NOT compatible with Orange's current pallet system. It is designed to work with the new next-generation pallet system, the Twin-Delta™ vice pallet system by Orange Vice. Patent Pending.
Speed, precision and low cost.  Swap out pallets in seconds with tenths repeatability. Alignment is virtually effortless. Available now.