Twin Delta Vice Pallets

Speed, Precision and a Low Cost

The Twin-Delta™ vice pallet system by Orange Vice (Patent Pending) are type III hard-anodised master jaws, compatible with all 6" Orange Vices ever made.

Swap out pallets in seconds with tenths repeatability.
Alignment is virtually effortless, significantly reducing physical effort when leaning into a VMC.
Torque the vice to 40 ft lbs.
Just make sure everything is clean before reinstalling!

Type III hard-anodised master jaws are required for use and are sold separately.


Pallets are not anodised, but you can send your pallets out to your local anodiser yourself. We recommend doing this after all machining has been completed so that the working surfaces will be coated. Dimensional change of the Delta interface due to anodising will not affect operation - absolute position will change, but repeatability will not. If you use steel inserts for your fixture clamps, make sure to install them after anodising, and not before.

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