Productivity is one of the most important components in workholding and MATE Precision Technologies new range of DynoGrip™ self-centring vices, DynoLock™ Bases, and DynoMount™ Mounting Accessories are here to help increase productivity to the next level. 

With decades of experience in producing high quality products, MATE never disappoint in their mission to respect, support and inspire metalworking professionals worldwide. 


DynoGrip™ self-centring vices: Product Highlights

A maximum hold in a compact form
Zero-point quality engagement with the 52mm and 96mm four post pull-stud patterns
Compatible with other mounting systems or mount directly to the machine bed
Available in 13 size variations

DynoGrip™ Bases: Product Highlights

Maximum holding power and best in-class centre accuracy and repeatability
Pull studs are secured by a collar for superior holding
Zero-point quality engagement with 52mm and 96mm four post pull stud pattern
Available in 11 size variations