Since the early 1960's, Tecnologie FRB have been designing, building, and marketing Live Centres and Face Drivers for turning, gear cutting, and grinding. By the 1980's, they were already recognised as the leading company in this sector. Quality is at the heart of Tecnologie FRB, starting from the initial concept, through the continuous improvement of products, services, design, and manufacturing. It also works with customers to provide products and services, offering complete solutions to manufacturers and OEMs.
At their plant in Bologna, Italy, highly qualified staff have a modern,technologically advanced system at their disposal to produce FRB Live Centres- from the original series 80 and 85, to the latest 2000, 2006 & 2008 series -facilitating different axial loads from classic turning and gear cutting to the most demanding of external grinding and gear cutting production. FRB Face Drivers are also produced with the highest quality as they are able to satisfy the classic need of a spring-loaded centre to the most advanced fixed centre systems.

Tecnologie FRB technicians collaborate with the engineering departments of the most important machine tool manufacturers around the globe, enjoying the trust of key players to whom they can offer not only their tools, but also their know-how and experience regarding the optimisation of work cycles in turning and grinding.