Providing several benefits, the CARVESMART jaw system has been developed to simplify set-ups for production and toolroom vices. It uses a dovetail interface to quickly
and precisely locate and secure the jaws - a proven platform in numerous industrial applications that require mating components to be accurately joined together.



CARVESMART replaces time-consuming cap screwed vice jaws with quick change dovetailed jaws. Not having to fumble for axial cap screw heads allows a narrower dovetailed jaw to hold more, or larger parts in a vice. A dovetailed jaw can be changed in ten seconds from above. 

CARVESMART extruded aluminium jaw stock is available in five different profiles and cold rolled steel in a single profile in lengths of 780mm; just saw it to whatever length is required. 

CARVESMART replaces face mounted cap screwed jaws with a fully machinable quick change vice jaw. Using SMARTstop, jaws will relocate within ±7.5µ - same jaw, same opening and reposition within 25µ - any jaw, any opening. CARVESMART mounts to most vices.