A Message from our Managing Director…

20 April 2020


A message from our Managing Director…


Dear Customers and Friends


We are so disappointed that our plans to introduce the five brands that have recently signed up with us in the last year have been disrupted. However, we will be proceeding with soft launches on our website and through the usual media channels – it’s just that, unfortunately, we won’t have the opportunity to demonstrate all the hardware to potential beneficiaries until our next show.


At MACH 2020 we had planned our largest and most comprehensive display in Leader’s  69 years, by dividing our stand into sections for Grinding, Milling and Turning activities.


In our Grinding section, we were majoring on our offerings from BALANCE SYSTEMS from Italy. Here, we intended to have live demonstrations of their three separate process control systems for which they have become globally recognised as a trusted developer and supplier. Namely:

  • Grinding Wheel and Spindle Balancing: These are essential operations in order to achieve the machining’s surface quality and to ensure a long life of the rotary components. This includes a wide range of balancing systems based on balancing heads which can be installed externally or built into the spindle.
  • Acoustic Touch Control provides an exact identification of the instance the tool touches the work-piece and is necessary information that minimises the cycle time. The use of such information facilitates a reduction of the “air grinding” time, therefore optimising the infeed.
  • In-Process Gauging. For high-volume production, cycle-times and quality-consistency matter. The in-process gauging system helps to save a lot of time per workpiece, dynamically detecting the dimension(s) of the part being ground. This variable value, typically in diameters, is used to automatically control the material removal based on the final dimension desired.

Another line that we provide the grinding sector with, is our range of Electro, Electro-Permanent and Permanent magnetic chucks from Czech manufacturer WALMAG. Examples of these models were to be displayed alongside their Master Mill version, exhibited in our stand’s milling section.


Our Milling Section is where we would be launching our new spindle tooling partner K T A as well as demonstrating the latest lines from California’s ORANGE VICE– super, solid machine vices and pallets fitted as standard with the CARVESMART dovetail QC jaw system. This section would also include Swiss PIRANHA CLAMP 5 axis vices: excellent quality clamping on just 3mm of stock and no pre-stamping operational hardware necessary saving time and money. Along with this, vice offerings from HOMGE would certainly fill any requirement not fulfilled by any of the former manufacturers.

MACH 2020 would announce our fledgling partnership with LEHMANN Rotary Tables of Switzerland in which we were to be demonstrating their most popular models on our stand, as we’re now their distributor for end users in the UK and Ireland. Rotary and Indexing table requirements outside of their range would be available from our established principal EXACT MACHINERY.

From Bavaria we had a full variety of zero-point clamping systems from ZEROCLAMP, ready to showcase the merits of adopting such a system to aid fast set up and change-over, complemented by fellow Bavarian S F T’s range of intelligent and highly innovative multifunctional clamping devices for 5 axis milling and clamp rail systems.

Finally, a live demonstration of our spindle monitoring system B-SAFE would have been presenting visitors with live data of workshop spindle activity, including vibration, temperature, preventative maintenance actions and historic event logging.


In our Turning Section you would expect to see examples of our long established partnerships with AUTOGRIP Power Chucks and Activating Cylinders, HAINBUCH Germany’s fantastic range of clamping devices, HEWA’s Indexing Chucks, MICROCENTRIC’s world famous air chucks and diaphragm chucks from USA and Germany, as well as some spectacular special solutions from ROTOMORS of Italy. Accompanying these is an excellent line up of dynamically displayed self-contained power chucks, rotating and static, collet and jaw type from JATO PRECISION. We’ve added Italian FIAL manual lathe chucks 2, 3, 4 & 6 jaw, in both self-centring and independent configurations from 125 – 1250mm diameter as standard to these brilliant brands. Alongside this, our latest co-operation with TECNOLOGIE FRB, of Italy, specialises in Work Drivers and complementary Live Centres- products which have been established on the market for over 50 years- completing the display of products allied to the turning sector. When considering automating a turning machine, the first best step is to attach a Bar Feeder. CUCCHI GIOVANNI of Italy offer a comprehensive range of oil-free, large capacity, any-profile feeders for single and multi-spindle lathes.


Additional displays from our long established and trusted partners would have seen AMCC’s Ice Clamping from France alongside the UV Adhesive Clamping range from BLUE PHOTON USA. Pneumatic Collet Closers from LEXAIR USA, Drill Chucks from LLAMBRICH Spain, OMIL Robotic Grippers and PANZERI Core Chucks from Italy, ROTORI Jaw Boring Systems from Germany and Metrology products from MAPROX Switzerland were also planned.


Finally, moving MACH 2020 to MACH 2021 affords us the perfect opportunity to kick-off our 70th year of celebration!





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