Make it Stop – Quickly!

The long established Leader/Hainbuch collaboration offers users, who have implemented SPANNTOP a ‘must have’ accessory -Quick-Change End-Stops – that save time and money. VarioPart and VarioQuick, the two variable end-stop systems ensure significantly more flexibility, and to a great extent make bespoke end-stop design unnecessary. The days of cost-intensive and complex end-stop designs are basically gone forever. Now VarioPart and VarioQuick, the standardized work piece end tops are available. The basic end-stop plates are provided as standard equipment with Leader’s Hainbuch clamping devices, we have extended and enhanced this and now you save valuable time in work preparation, you are significantly more flexible and you always have the required clamping length close at hand. Start now with one of our sets, which we deliver in a practical storage box.

Two systems for even greater flexibility

Using standardised workpiece end-stops, valuable time can be saved in work preparation, set-up times are drastically reduced, and the user always has the suitable end-stop at the ready. Leader recommends the VarioPart system for precise and rigid clamping. It functions on the same principle as a gauge block box and can be height-adjusted in 1 mm increments with precision ground plates. With a face run out of < 0.02 mm on the portion of the end-stop that contacts the workpiece. VarioPart is ideal for finished part machining.

The VarioQuick variant is designed for fast, flexible clamping. It works with a precision trapezoidal thread that allows fast adjustment of the clamping length. A half turn corresponds axially to 1 mm. In addition, Leader also offers end-stop blanks for workpiece end-stops or front end-stops.

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