A balanced approach

Everything can be improved upon, which is why the creative team of engineers at Hainbuch has developed a generation of Spanntop chucks. Leader Chuck Systems now offers this versatile range of fixturing solutions for lathe and turning centre users in the UK.

The Spanntop Nova range from Hainbuch includes the Combi pull-back, Combi dead-length and Modular versions. Its introduction heralds a design with better functionality, increased versatility and an improved geometric form. This design avoids the need to chose between bar fed stock or billet workpieces – via mandrel or jaws – because it can accept both.

Representing over two decades of experience and exploiting all the advantages of the latest CNC lathes and turning centres, Spanntop Nova chucks offer secure and reliable workpiece fixturing. With intelligent internal workings Spanntop Nova chucks feature a standardised chuck body so the same components can be used in the pull-back and dead-length variants.

The standardised chuck body means the easy-to-change Spanntop adapter Mando Adapt can be used both with the Modular chuck and the Combi pull-back variant, and the Jaw Adapt can be used with the Combi pull-back chuck.


Due to the increased distance between the front face of the chuck and the end-stop, longer workpieces can be clamped more rigidly. The longer clamping length also reduces the protruding length, producing optimum conditions for accurate machining. Previously, extended guides cause a slip-stick effect. Hainbuch has negated this with high precision extended guides; these prevent ‘wobbling’ to ensure that the component moves smoothly and achieves a concentric precision of better than 1 micron.

Offering operational speeds up to 8000 rpm, the fine balancing of the Nova chuck range is vital to both component accuracy and spindle bearing longevity. Balancing can be achieved in two planes without disassembling the chuck. As well as the usual balancing points on the front face of the chuck, the threaded holes in the spindle flange serve as a fixture for balance weights.

Leader Chuck’s managing director, Mark Jones, says: “Hainbuch has a well deserved reputation for innovation and quality. Its Spanntop Nova range has been designed for maximum parallel holding force at high rpm, and offers extreme rigidity and precision. Offering functionality and flexibility without any compromise on quality the new Spanntop Nova chuck range can improve efficiency for any company using high speed turning equipment.”

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