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5 to 8 May - Germany


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6 to 7 May - Glasgow



12 to 14 May - NEC



2 to 4 June - NEC






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Advantage ZeroClamp


Compared to traditional systems, the ZeroClamp zero point clamping system saves set up costs.




Correctly operated, ZeroClamp is capable of a lot more, such as:

  • Picking up workpieces directly with the clamping bolt and thereby reducing the number of clamping steps
  • Interrupting the machining process in favour of rush orders and afterwards quickly returning to the previous position
  • Setting up during the cutting cycle thereby reducing the spindle’s stop time significantly
  • Using a 3-axis machine for multi-sided machining simply with the ZeroClamp 90° angle
  • Safety during the third shift with less trained employees

Put briefly: It covers the entire process chain – milling, turning, eroding, grinding, measuring and vice versa – all this without any loss of time, without loss of precision and without any machine downtime.

And, last but not least: ZeroClamp is the first complete high-end system that is available at an affordable price.


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The new Clamping Rail System is a modular method of workholding and is an ideal companion to our zero point clamping system.






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