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IMTS - Chicago

8 to 13 September


AMB - Stuttgart

16 to 20 September


Bi-Mu - Milan

30 September to 4 October


Northern Manufacturing

1 to 2 October






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...isn't everything. Our new centring vice has been specifically designed to further enhance the productivity of multi-axis machining techniques. Part of our ZeroClamp range, the 80 mm centric vice can be accurately secured to the machine tool’s table, or any other workholding interface, either with the serrated multi-point clamping rail or via the zero point clamping console, that uses HSK-like face and taper contact.


Specially developed forms on the jaws avoid jaw lift; they pull down as up to 17 kN of clamping pressure is applied to the workpiece. At this pressure, most materials can be securely held without any stamping or raw material preparation.


So, this new chuck negates the need to invest the significant capital required to purchase any material preparation equipment. All but high-tensile steel can be fixed without the lost time required to stamp billets, and the holding pressure is great enough to allow full performance machining


Available with hard and soft jaws, the precise centre of the vice can be adjustable to +/- 0.02 mm, and it can be quickly rotated by 90o in just a few easy steps. This function makes even further use of the flexible machining capability of 5-axis simultaneous cutting technology.




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The natural fixing choice - ice


AMCC GF Series icing plates can hold parts for milling, turning or grinding. This rigid clamping system does not induce stress into the part, is quick and easy to use.


Icing plates are particularly effective for machining sintered materials, unfired ‘green’ ceramic, ferrite, graphite, and much more. Ice is an excellent adhesive that can grip almost any material, rigid parts made of metal or plastic, and flexible parts made from rubber, neoprene and even textile. 


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