Vice Jaw Systems

No More Cap Screws:CARVESMART  replaces time consuming cap screwed jaws with quick change dovetailed jaws. Not having to dodge cap screw heads allows a narrower dovetailed jaw to hold the same part or more parts in a vise. A CARVESMART  dovetailed jaw can be changed in 10 seconds.The Dovetail Advantage:CARVESMART  extruded aluminum jaw stock is available in five profiles in lengths up to 94”. You saw it to whatever length is required for the job. Jaws as short as 1” can be sawed and used for small parts. Long jaws will quickly tie the stationary jaws of multiple vises together for machining long parts and reduce chatter between vises. Who Likes CARVEsmart:The more you change jaws the more you will appreciate our technology. Dovetailed jaws are available in 1018, 46/50rc and 60/62rc steel and five extruded aluminum profiles providing multiple workholding options. Tool rooms enjoy the quality, repeatability and speed of our fully accessorized system. Production shops like the set up time reduction, improved finished parts quality and our SMARTstop relocation system. Many shops are now “Saving the program not the jaw” by recutting the female form with each run. As production jobs move from machine to machine, this perfectly matches the carved form to any spindle or vise saving time and improving quality.The Orange Vise Advantage:CARVESMART  technology is designed for your existing vises. Orange Vise addresses new vise openings with our Integrated Jaw System. IJS will accept cap screwed jaws and dovetailed jaws. IJS saves 1.5” of opening and accepts all CARVESMART  accessories. CARVESMART replaces face mounted cap screwed jaws with a fully machineable quick change vise jaw.  Jaws will relocate within +/-0.0003” using SMARTstop. Same jaw same opening. Jaws will reposition within 0.001” using SMARTstop. Any jaw to any opening. CARVESMART mounts to most vises CARVESMART is fully accessorized Five extruded aluminum profiles available in saw to any lengths of up to 94” 4.5”, 6” and 8” aluminum and 1018 steel SMARTstopped jaws. 46 to 50rc A2 steel machineable PERMAjaws for matched to the spindle step jaws. 60/62rc Hard A2 COMBOjaw that flips 180 degrees to a 20-degree Dovetailed/Knife Edge Jaw Differential (RH/LH) screws lifts and pulls; 1018 QPQ coated clamp nuts onto a dovetailed vise jawA jaw can be changed in less than 10 seconds.Aluminum jaw stock can be sawed to any length.Jaws as short as 1” can be used for small parts.Long jaws can tie multiple stationary jaws together. ACCURATE 4140 steel master jaw sets are ground flat and parallel within 0.0002"SMARTstopped jaws relocate +/-0.0003"Recutting the female form perfectly matches the features to the spindle each time you run it STURDY Large DovetailFully machineable CARVESMART™ jaws allow parts to be held deeper into a vise with a narrower jaw than a cap screwed jawIn many applications; the CARVESMART™ design frees a vise’s sweet spot to allow greater clamping force with less jaw lift

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