The MASTERMILL range of electro-permanent chucks are used for 5 side machining, milling, drilling, boring of large moulds, ingots, blacks, frames etc. (minimum workpiece thickness 12mm).
Their extremely low height of 51 mm incorporates a grid style pole size of 50 x 50mm with 10mm gaps the chucks provide a very impressive nominal holding force of 170 N/cm².
Options for MASTERMILL include:
Different cable junction box location
Through-holes for fixing the chuck to the machine table
Holes for pole extensions
Fixed and adjustable pole extensions, allowing machining from 5 sides
Other input voltages
All MASTERMILL chucks are delivered with a quick push-pull connector, 2x part location stops, 2-4x fixing clamps, a cable junction box (on the long side) and an armoured power cord of 3m.
Consult with us a suitable control unit and electrical connection.
For more information, see the section control units.
Click HERE for video.

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