Tri Square Top Jaws      For clamping square section on a 3 Jaw Chuck Tri Square top jaws are adjustable hard top jaws used on three jaw chucks to clamp a range of square section. This simple but clever top jaw system removes the need in many instances to use 2 or 4 jaw chucks for the clamping of square section. Tri Square top jaws are ideal for clamping a series of square parts of different size because of the quick and easy adjustment from one size to another. Tri Square top jaws allow more universal use of three jaw chucks allowing the clamping of square and round section - when using chucks as fixtures horizontally on machining centres this can save costs on special fixtures. Tri Square jaws are made to order to suit your chuck type and range of section size. Special shaped jaws can also be designed to suit irregular, rectangular and polygonal shapes.

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