Manual chuck TOROK The TOROK manual chuck is primarily used in tool prototyping on machines without a clamping cylinder. For example, thanks to its easy manual actuation, when used on grinding machines you can safely and delicately clamp. In combination with our clamping device adaptations, such as the MANDO Adapt mandrel-in-chuck or the jaw module, many more clamping options are possible.And most recent: Thanks to the optional lightweight CFRP design, with the TOROK CFK you save one-third the weight. This is particularly set-up friendly and it offloads the machine spindle bearings. Key advantages A„lso available in a CFRP lightweight design „Manual actuation – a clamping cylinder is not required „Sensitive clamping possible „Workpiece stabilization through axial draw force applied against the workpiece end-stop „Mandrels, jaw modules, face drivers, and morse taper adaptable

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