Stainless Steel Drill Chucks With Quick Connectors

Drill Chuck Attachments Features & Benefits Descripción AO, Trinkle, Hudson, Harris, Zimmer and more Available on demand for all Llambrich stainless steel drill chuck series : Keyed (CSS), Keyless (SP), Hybrid (SPH) & Keyless w/Lock System (SPT). Quick conncetors available: AO, small or large, Trinkle, Hudson, Harris, Zimmer, and others according to customer specifications Specially designed for medical and veterinary surgical power tools. All components are free of sharp edges: Excellent choice for use when operating with rubber gloves. Manufactured in stainless steel series 300 and 400. Undergo passivation processes to prevent corrosion. Resistant to autoclaving. All chucks are identified with a lot number for traceability according to ISO 13485. With thru hole for insertion of drills, reamers, pins and other surgical tools used in the medical field.

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