Self Contained Pneumatic

Air Collet Chuck Introduction JATO JAP200 Cylinder Integrated Air Collet Chuck provides you with irreplaceable convenience to set up your power collet chuck system. With JATO's unique technology, JAP200 Collet Chuck integrates itself a high performance air rotary cylinder, saving you from installing an extra cylinder, tailor making any bar or any air feeders. With its real front-mounting design, the installation for a power collet chuck system is revolutionarily easier than ever. JAP200 adopts dead length design, meaning that the workpiece's position will not be changed when in operation. JAP200 works with standard 5c collet, 16c collet, DIN6343 B42 (173E) collet, B60 (185E) collet, and B80 (193E) collet. Precision collet chuck with built-in rotary air cylinder. No need to install an extra cylinder, a draw tube or an air feeder. Works with standard 5C, 16C, DIN6343 B42, B60 or B80 collets. Through hole design for bar parts workholding. Self-lock design on close side offers high safety. High resistance to coolant fluid and chips penetration. Ideal for mounting onto 4axis/5axis rotary tables. Available Models JAP206-5C: 5c air collet chuck, max. capacity 25mm. JAP207-16C: 16c air collet chuck, max. capacity 40mm. JAP207-B42: B42 (DIN6343 173E) air collet chuck, max. capacity 42mm. JAP208-B60: B60 (DIN6343 185E) air collet chuck, max. capacity 60mm. JAP210-B80: B80 (DIN6343 193E) air collet chuck, max. capacity 80mm

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