Rotary Tables

The NCT series of tables expand Machining Centers production capacity. Mounted in either a horizontal or vertical plane, these tables are used to add 4th or 5th axis capability. Inside the rotary tables, the worm shaft and worm gear system decide the tables' accuracy and life. Through the strict inspection and in-house machining of the worm system, Exact guarantees products optimal performance and high dynamic durability. ●Materials Worm gear: Special high-tensile aluminum-brass equal in strength to a steel alloy. Worm shaft: Hardened alloy steel   ●High Rotation Torque The combination of brass and alloy steel offers less friction. Motor torque is transferred efficiently. High class material worm system guarantees high torque transmission.   ●Large Worm Gear The worm gear with a large pitch diameter creates a large engagement area and less pressure on the contact surface, resulting in resistance against wear.

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