The NEOSTAR is a range of permanent magnetic circular chucks specially created for turning and grinding ring shaped applications, inside, outside and face machining seperately or in a single set up.
Constructed with a solid steel body below a robust, one-piece top plate with radial poles its double, high energy neodymium actuating mechanism will provide a maximum holding force of up to 140 N/cm² activated by a robust actuating mechanism, depending on the chuck size and component geometry. Optimal workpiece thickness will be 8 and 12mm respectively.
The usability limit of the pole plate is 5mm.
All NEOSTAR chucks are delivered with the underside of the body having a mounting recess with 3 or 4 rear threaded holes to aid mounting to a suitable flange. Allen key is also included.
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Available optionally: Through centre bore, Accurate Centering Hoole, Auxilary Top Plates (With or without T Slots) and sets of Pole Shoes.

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