The NEOMILL COMPACT PALLET is a range of permanent-magnetic pallet-chucks used for the holding of small to large components for medium and high speed milling and heavy grinding.
Designed for use in conjunction with zero-reference systems, like System 3R, Erowa, Hirschmann and others. The magnetic pallets are typically square with sharp or cut-off corners and can be either mounted on top of a pallet or fitted with zero reference elements. The advantage of the latter version being the lower height and weight of the clamping tool.
The solid body has a neodymium magnetic system with transverse pole division of 11mm of steel alternating with 4mm of epoxy providing a MASSIVE nominal holding force of 160 N/cm².
The lifespan of the top plate is 10mm.
All NEOMILL COMPACT PALLETS are delivered with back and end part location stops and an Allen key.

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