Multi-Point Rocker Jaws Multi-Point Rocker Jaws are designed for clamping thin walled w orkpieces that are often deformed when clamped with conventional width jaws on a power chuck. They lower the deformation of the workpiece by spreading th e clamping force equally to six or twelve clamping points on its perimeter. The floating rocker arms allow the part to self centre thus overcoming irregularit y in castings and forgings as the part is clamped. Thame Workholding’s standard design of Rocker Jaws covers many applic ations and each assembly comes complete with a Master Base Jaw, Pivot Bolt, Rocker Arm and Serrated Grip Inserts. A set of Multi-Point Rocker Jaws will cover a specific range o f clamping diameters whilst the depth of grip can be varied by using our standard height pins. Using Multi-Point Rocker Jaws will assist in obtaining the best possible machined roundness on diameters and bores improving any out round to an acceptable level. Multi-Point Rocker Jaws can improve deformation from hundreds of microns down to a single figure digit in some cases. Soft inserts or segments can also be used to allow second operation w ork with the rocking arms fixed. We manufacture and design Multi-Point Rocker Jaws to suit all t ypes of chucks including large vertical chucks up to 3 metres.       Standard Design Available to suit a wide range of chucks contact our sales office for more information.       Special Design We will design Multi-Point Rocker Jaws to suit your workpiece they could be six or twelve point contact jaws with all the necessary stops and location needed to clamp your part and reduce the out of roundness to an acceptable level. These are usually first operation jaws but provision for a second operation could also be possible.

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