MandoAdapt for Spanntop RD

Mandrel-in-clamping-device Change-over from O.D. clamping to perfect I.D. clamping, without changing the clamping device? No problem with MANDO Adapt: Place the mandrel in the mounted clamping device, tighten three screws, lock the mandrel in the clamping device. Significant time saver In this process the mandrel engages in the coupling of the clamping device via a sophisticated mechanism, where otherwise the clamping head engages. MANDO Adapt is attractive with extreme rigidity and precision. For rotating products, concentricity of 0.005 mm between chuck taper and mandrel taper can be achieved. For stationary clamping devices repeatability of 0.003 mm is possible. And best of all: This can all be accomplished without adjusting. MANDO Adapt is available in 3 variants: T211 – clamping with pull-back effect and with draw bolt T212 – clamping with pull-back effect and without draw bolt T812 – clamping without pull-back effect and without draw bolt  Ingeniously simple and effective, genuine HAINBUCH! Key advantages Extremely fast conversion without disassembling the base clamping device [2 min.] Vibration dampening due to vulcanized segmented clamping bushings Extremely high clamping force even at the smallest clamping Ø Large clamping range due to vulcanized clamping elements Standard end-stop for machining to size

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