A clamping system for all cases Always the right solution With the new jaw module in our HAINBUCH modular system, you are able to always use the right clamping devices. More than 80% of the workpieces are covered with the small jaw module and for large workpieces you can change-over within 2 minutes the larger jaw module. More Do you need a full through-bore? Do you want to implement workpiece clamping with the pull-back effect? If so, it's all possible! Because the basic unit into which the jaw module is inserted into, is a HAINBUCH chuck oder stationary chuck. If necessary, clamping heads or mandrels may also be inderted. Therefore, you always have the right solution for your clamping situation. Key advantages Jaw clamping with a HAINBUCH chuck or stationary chuck „Enlarged clamping range of the basic clamping device „Machining between the jaws is possible [milling or drilling] Can be used rotating [under RPM] and for stationary applications „Deadlength clamping Available in two sizes – optimized interference contour

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