INTRAOCULAR LENS IOL-Eb-T-T"Frost" is an extremely strong adhesive used in many micro-mechanicals applications for minuscule parts that are difficult to handle as watch hands for example. Thanks to this natural property, AMCC Icing Plates uses it as a clamping system that has many advantages: Rigid bonding is achieved with several materials as PMMA, acrylics, silicone, etc...Stress-free mechanical clamping.Deep cooling enhances cutting surface condition's, more especially for hydropho bic materials.No solid residues after deblocking parts. AMCC GF plates are cooled down by a thermal exchanger(¹) with double flux(¹), therefore needing only compressed air(²) to function. The Icing Plates are user friendly for IOL manufacturing: Spray water on blanks; position blank on the freezing mandrel; in few seconds water will freeze and machining can began. Deblocking is even easier by reversing air flow from freezing to thawing. Originally made for being used in workshops for air-space industry these Icing Plates have been showed in areas making fine parts, and more especially in the Intraocular lens industry. As showed above, AMCC icing plates allows high productivity gains while improving IOL manufacturing quality.

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