Hydraulic stationary chuck HYDROK Precision chuck with convincing performance 5-axis machining or efficient multiple clamping – with HYDROK we offer you a hydraulically actuated stationary chuck that provides even more possibilities. Intelligent modular system Depending on size – you can use it with all clamping device adaptations, such as the MANDO Adapt mandrel-in-clamping device or with the jaw module. Thus, in the future you can also rely completely on the intelligent HAINBUCH modular system, even for your stationary clamping device. The smallest … … in the league: The HYDROK 32. Its modular base plates can be easily fit together and enable multiple clampings with incredible holding forces in the most confined spaces. And with an additional tandem cylinder you can even generate the full clamping force with a weaker hydraulic unit. Key advantages Typical HAINBUCH features, such as user friendly set-up,full passage, parallel clamping, optimal power conversion,extreme rigidity and superior holding power, as well asminimal wear and tear Ideal for 5-sided machining, flexible clamping possibilities such as mandrel clamping or jaw clamping thanks to the HAINBUCH modular system Prepared for workpiece end-stop and front end-stop Easy set-up, repeatability < 0.01 mm possible Ideal for automated clamping

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