High Speed Jaw Chucks

HST High Speed Air Chucks Check up to five results to perform an action. HST High Speed Air Chucks feature a titanium chuck body and are actuated by a patented external wedge design that maintains clamping force at high spindle speeds without counterweights. This revolutionary design minimizes the effects of centrifugal force resulting in consistent clamping force throughout the chuck's rpm range. HST chucks are available in standard, HS, and BP models. The HS models are dynamically balanced and feature MicroCentric's patented NR50 non-rotating air tube system. The NR50 design eliminates vibra tion caused by rotating air at higher spindle speeds, thus enhancing a machine's surface finish, and roundness capability. Chuck Accuracy .0001" (0.0025mm) TIR is standard.00005" (0.0012mm) TIR is available

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