The ELMAX range of electro-magnetic chucks are used for rough and finish grinding of medium (minimum workpiece size 36 x 10mm and 50 x 50mmrespectively) up to large components.
Solid single piece body with firmly embedded coils (standard input voltage 110VDC) sit below a flame cut top plate with epoxy resin gaps forming a waterproof, multi-coil magnetic system assembly with transverse poles. The pole pitch of either 18 or 25mm (depending on the chuck size) provides a nominal holding force of 140 N/cm².
Great features the ELMAX include:
Optimized Holding Force – power consumption ratio and
Optimized Pole Configuration - allows to use the clamping surface up to the edges of the chuck.
The regrinding lifespan is 10mm across the range.
Custom sizes and voltage chucks can be supplied on request.
All ELMAX chucks are delivered with back and end part location stops, a set of fixing clamps and a power cord of 3m..
Consult with us a suitable control unit and electrical connection.
For more information, see the section control units.

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