Dovetailed Jaw Options

DOVETAILED TOOLING OPTIONS SMARTSTOP SMARTstop™ is an accurate, internal, vertical slot and pin systemOnce used jaws will relocate +/-0.0003” in the same, unmoved, ground steel master jawSMARTstop™ allows vises to be mounted jaw to jawSMARTstop™ jaws are front loading and available for steel ground master jaw sets only4.5", 6"and 8" SMARTstopped jaw sets are available in all five extruded aluminum profiles, PERMAjaws and 1018 jawsAvailable black oxided 1/4" x 3/8" dowel pins permit SMARTstopping jaws in house from sawed to any length dovetailed jaw stock COMBOJAW Hard Jaw that flips to a dovetailed/knife edge jaw  60/62rc tool steel ground flat and parallel within 0.0002" 0.100" high x 20 degree knife edge with 0.100" wide step  6" long x1.71" tall x 1/2" wide Sold in sets of two

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