Diaphragm Chucks

Diaphragm chuck MBS Modern high performance machining needs a permanent advancement of all involved components. Succeeding generations of machine tools and machining tools are enabling therefore steadily shorter processing times on less average unit costs. But one weakness remains: The workpiece clamping! It gets more difficult to accomplish the current requirements with regular clamping systems. With our diaphragm chuck series MBS, we are covering a lot of requirements of present-day's clamping systems! Design layout The MBS chucks are sealed and don't have any jaw guides. As a consequence of this, they are especially wear-resistant and suitable for machining of abrasive materials (e.g. carbide metal, ceramics). On thin-walled parts a paling clamping and a very senisive adjustment of the clamping force are granting a non-deforming machining of the parts Functionality The MBS chuck opens for OD-clamping when the piston is moving forward, either by air pressure or by drawtube force. The chuck closes done by the re-deformation of the elastic diaphragm, depending on cases of applications additionally provided by pneumatic or draw tube actuated movement of the piston. At this, the clamping force can get featured very sensitive and flexible. For ID-clamping the funtion is reversed. The MBS diaphragm-clamping system is consiting of following components: Chuck body assembly Clamping set (Diaphragm / Top jaws) For a axial part stop, the MBS clamping system could get equipped with a part stop spider / part stop seat with mounted stop pins or stop plates. For coolant supply through the chuck, nozzles are getting screwd-in the part stop spider. The coolant gets supplied out of the backside of the chuck to your workpiece. Application field MBS chucks are the perfect choice for Precise machining of chuck-turned parts Hard turning Cylindrical grinding Thin-walled parts High speeds 2. Face-operations / Sub-spindle Part families  

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