DBM AUTOMATIC AND INTEGRAL MULTIPLE CHANNEL LOADER/FEEDER Evolution for multi-spindle feeding This loader is the latest invention in the fi eld of feeding multispindle lathes. Furthermore it represents the accumulation of advanced technological solutions which allow total safety and automation in loading. Finally its extreme functional simplicity and small dimensions enable the production area to be exploited more effi ciently at the same time maintaining the vast number of potential performances./p> GUIDEWAYS The guideways are in reinforced nylon with high resistance to wear and abrasion caused by the rotation speed and use of bars with an irregular profi le. The particular features of this nylon mean that the surface of soft materials is not affected. A further new feature is the fact that the guideways are bayonet coupled and easily interchangeable with the aid of a special key without having to disassemble the bases which anchor the drum. Replacing the guideways for smaller bar diameters is thus considerably simplifi ed and rapid. Finally they enable vibrations and the usual noise levels to be reduced by circa 70%. The quietness is mostly due to the fact that these parts (the guideways) are assembled by slotting together and therefore, with their ends crossing, form a perfectly cylindrical channel. In this way, the bar does not meet with breaks or opening and can reach high rotation speeds without collisions. LOADING The loader is fed by a tilted bar magazine from which an automatic device extracts the bar and inserts it in the bar holder channels. Highest technology and reliability INSERTION OF THE BAR IN THE SPINDLE OF THE LATHE The bar is inserted in the bar thrusting devices on the lathes by means of a pin serving as a brace and located at one end of the bar. The latter is anchored to a slide which runs parallel to the bar guide channel. The slide is in turn driven by a worm screw actuated by a hydraulic motor which is capable of different speeds and forces in order to feed the pin and consequently insert the bar. DEVICE FOR NON-PERFORMANCE OF THREADING This is a special devices which comes into operation each time a new bar is loaded. If for reasons of machining the bar should stop before the point, the lathe, reaching the threading position, would stop in the absence of a workpiece to thread. At this point however the device above prevents the lathe from stopping and instead causes it to continue machining as if threading had occurred. This operation is only performed for the fi rst part of the bar. ELECTRICAL AND PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS The loader is powered by a voltage as requested by the customer, while the voltage of the electrical system of the auxiliary controls is 24 V. All the controls are governed by a safety device which, in the event of malfunctioning, stops the loader automatically. The pneumatic system is independent of the electrical system and all the controls can also be performed manually. The electrical system is also fi tted with a programmable P.L.C capable of maintaining the program unaltered even when the electricity is switched off for long periods. Attached to a digital control panel with display, where the implemented work procedures are indicated. Possible malfunctions are indicated with references to the solution of the problem - so it can be solved quickly. BENEFITS -Eliminations of the lathe bar holder. -Should the need arise, loading can be performed manually by inserting the bar both from the rear and from the side into the loader. -The extreme functional simplicity guarantees reliability and virtually no need for maintenance and enables adaptation to any type of multispindle lathe.

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