Electro-Permanent chuck control units convert the AC (alternating current) power supply into DC (direct current) to power up the coils of the chuck with short current pulses.
A microprocessor based control board in the unit allows selecting the right function with optional adjusting the clamping force of the magnet as well as automatic demagnetization. A rotary button on the remote control station allows output voltage adjustment resulting in variable holding force. This prevents any deformations that would result from too strong a clamping force
The magnetic chuck and the workpieces can be completely demagnetized.
Depending on the type of steel, different demagnetizing programs can be selected.
Available control units
Built into steel enclosure, protection class IP54, for wall mounting
Standard input voltage: 400 VAC
Choosing the correct control unit depends upon the type of chuck, the chuck size or the total size of multiple chucks.

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