CMSP/CMSPL AUTOMATIC AND INTEGRAL MULTIPLE CHANNEL BAR LOADER WITH CROP END RECOVERY Evolution for multi-spindle feeding This loader is the latest invention for feeding multi-spindle lathest, combining advanced technological solutions which rank it fi rst in its class. The very small overhall dimensions (its lenght is greater than that of the bar by only 45 cm) allow optimun use of production space. INTEGRAL LOADER This loader totally replaces bar-holder tubes and bar feeds of lathest. BAR MAGAZINE The standard version of the loader has a tilted bar magazine in the upper part, with the optional possibility of a bar bundle magazine with capacity of 1,200 kg. BAR WORKING LENGHT (MAX) 3.30 m or 4.00 m; different sizes are available on request by customers. LOADING AND FEEDING Loading of the bar in the bar carrier channel and its feed are fully automated. Feeding is performed by two hydraulic motors, the fi rst required for inserting the bar in the spindle of the lathe and the second for feeding one at a time (double simultaneous feed is available on request), the 6 or 8 bar feeder rods, fi tted with collets, until end of machining of the bar, with subsequent recovery and unloading into the botton of the loader of the bar crop end. The bar chenge times is only a few seconds. SIZE CHANGE OF LOADED BARS The diameter of the bars which can be loaded can be chenged in a few minutes, merely by replacing the bar feeder collets end adjusting the bar centring devices. Highest technology and reliability BAR CENTRING DEVICE This solution allow perfect centring of the bae just before it enters the spindle of the lathe, eliminating impact and vibrations, and considerably reducing noise and increasing maschining precision. This type of centring device also avoids the use of guides by adapting to all bar profi les and sizes, being of the rotary type with ball bearings. DISPOSITIVO D’INTESTATURA DELLA BARRA Consiste in un particolare dispositivo, nel caricatore, che determina la misura della barra al di fuori della pinza del tornio. BAR FACING DEVICE This consists of a special device, in the loader, which determines the size of the bar outside of the lathe collet. FINAL BAR CROP PICK-UP A device, without adjustements, extracts the last bar crop end from the collet of the bar feeder rod and uloads it into ther ear part of the loader, checking whether it has been recovered and unloaded by the collect and stopping the lathe in the event of a fault. BAR GUIDES The bar guides are made in nylon with high resistance capacity to the wear and abrasion caused by the rotation speed and the profi le of the bars used, reducion the vibrations and noise level of the moving bar. ELECTRIC AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEM The loader is supplied at a voltage in line with the customer’s needs while the wiring system of the auxiliry controls is powered at 24 V. The whole electric auxiliary control system is controlled by a P.L.C- (programmable logic) of the latest generation.

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