ZeroClamp 4-axis loading robot   ZeroClamp has developed an extremely economic alternative to traditional automation solution for machining to existing systems. It is a revolutionary new concept the combination of innovative clamping systems in conjunction with mobile component and tool storage and an optimized loading robot. The robot is used to load the machine with components, clamping devices and tools. Furthermore the component gripper is automatic changeable. Using this system, components can be stored without clamping devices in the magazine. Thus, large expensive vices are not necessary. Tools and active clamping devices can also be stored in the magazine for machining. Consequently, tool storage of the machine increases by many times and initial costs of expensive tool magazines are dropped. With this system you are able to provide simultaneous components, clamping devices, grippers and tools for one production cycle - This is the ideal solution for unmanned machining based in "One-Rack - One-Job"

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