The ALUSTAR is a range of permanent magnetic circular chucks specially created for the turning and grinding of ring shaped components.
The aluminium body has significantly reduced the weight of the chuck and houses a specifically designed worm gear actuating system that upon initial activation delivers between 10-20% of the holding force allowing for workpiece centring prior to applying 100% of the holding force ready for workpiece machining. Additional benefits of the unique actuation are that it provides a very safe, self-locking mechanism that prevents switching-off during machining – FAILSAFE! Atop this wizardry sits a robust, single piece top plate with radial poles and epoxy resin gaps.
The double, high energy neodymium magnetic system provides a holding force of up to 140 N/cm²dependent on the chuck size and component geometry.The usability limit of the pole plate is 7mm.
Options include, through centre bore, accurate centring hole, auxiliary top plate, top plate with T-slots and a set of pole shoes.
All ALUSTAR chucks are delivered with the underside of the body having a mounting recess with rear threaded holes to aid mounting to a suitable flange. Rachet key is also included.

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