Activating Cylinders - Rotating

For rotary cylinders, we offer many varieties of either hydraulically and pneumatically activated. Through-hole, non-through-hole, cylinders with stroke control, coolant connection, air connection for workpiece detection/ejection, compact style, tandem style and for gear machine models. You will find more details as you progress through the product description pages.

With Great Rigidity and Infallible Precision, our products work seamlessly together with our customers to increase their efficiency and productivity –high performance, cost-effective and great stability are always the major characteristics of our product lines . Our R&D department has a continuous improvement policy to not only meet and satisfy the highest demands of our worldwide customers but to strive to exceed them. Leader is always your best partner for workholding solutions. We also provide customised solutions, if you need bespoke products, please ask your Leader Engineering Support Co-ordinator.

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