DB-EVO/DB-EVOC AUTOMATIC BAR LOADER FOR CNC SINGLE-SPINDLE LATHES Evolution and new design This loader is the evolution for continuous, controlled automatic feeding of bars/tubes of any profile, without the need for lubrication.. New design, maximum functionality, visibility and accessibility, keeping a structure suitable for the elimination of any vibration. BAR HOLDER Internal bar storage protruding from the loader and below bar rotation axis, to permit continuous bar feeding without exerting undue stresses laying the bar on the loader. Bar size and timing LOADABLE BAR DIAMETERS Bar diameters loadable: from Ø10 mm up to Ø55-70-80-90-110-120 mm. USEFUL BAR LENGTH (MAX.) 3300 mm and 1300/1700 mm, without any mechanical modification. BAR LOADING TIME 3-6 seconds. Change and loading CHANGE OF DIAMETER BARS TO BE LOADED The change of the loadable bar diameter takes just a few minutes, with the replacement of the rotating bar support sleeves. BAR LOADING SETUP From the control panel you can setup the type and size of bar to be loaded in the rotating sleeves. Rotation speed The loader can rotate at high speed (without damaging the surface of the bar), irrespective of the type of material (including laminated) and profile (round, hexagonal, square, rectangular, oval, etc) thanks to the use of reduction tubes in the lathe spindle and polyurethane bar retaining sleeves which spin on ball bearings mounted on fixed and moving carts. Without any need for lubrication of the rotating bar. Equipment ACCESSORY DRAWERS 2 convenient accessory drawers included in the equipment ELECTRONIC AND CONTROL SYSTEM New electronic and control system of any loader functions (Siemens plc and new touch screen control panel), with energy saving function. Available options Option bar holder from bundle. Option to load pieces of bar. Option to move loader axially using floor rails. Option orientation of bar being loaded. Option control/maintenance via web.

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